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spainenglishRoute los Alcornocales and Los Alburejos to Campo Abierto

  • Day 1: choice and test of the horses


  • Day 2: You leave the yard and ride toward the cliff lines of Conil which has a splendid view over the sea. Then it goes through the pine forests of Roche and Melilla and Las Lagunetas to the plains of Maravillas. After barely 20 km, you take your lunch in Venta Campano. Then you continue your ride on the Camino de Ozenajo to Pago del Humo. After about 12 km you take your horses to the accommodation.

  • Here is particularly emphasised the cliff lines of Conil, the Atlantic and the port area with its fishing boats.


  • Day 3: The next day you start from Pago del Humo and ride through the meadows of Juan Correal which are lined with cork oaks and common hollies. After this you reach a hill, where you can see several little animals like rabbits and grey partridges. Furthermore you have the possibility to watch some bulls in the wild. After nearly 14 km you take a break and eat your lunch in Venta Los Naveros. Afterwards you ride to the Fincas La Morreala and Coloma, Finca El Gato and Charco Dulce up to the Venta La Cabrala, where you have the opportunity to watch cork oaks, common hollies and wildlife again. After barely 15 km You take your horses to the accommodation.


  • The wild cattle-breeding of Andalusia is especially distinguished for that day.


  • Day 4: In the morning the horses will be got ready to ride and then you follow a track to Los Alburejos which is about 8 km long. In the course of the day you can take part as a visitor in one corrida. On the way back you stop at the restaurant Venta La Cabrala and take your lunch. After your midday meal you ride up to the Fincas Fría and Najaras. Finally, after 12 km, you look for the accommodation for the horses in Argal.


  • The most particular aspect here is the visit of Alburejos "Finca Familia Domec"


  • Day 5: From Argal you continue to Najera, Morales, Los Parralejos and La Muela. After barely 15 km your midday meal will be taken in the restaurant Venta La Muela. Then you leave La Muela. The most particular aspects are the hills of Urdiales, the surrounding farmland and the Nature Park of Breña de Barabate. After some time you will reach the pine forests of Zahora. After about 14 km you take your horses to the accommodation.


  • Day 6: Through the Nature Park of Breña you leave Zahora. Then you ride through the strait, past the lighthouse of Trafalgar and ride along the beach back to the yard Pacheco. After about 10 km you will reach the yard.